Frequently Asked Questions

Due to Federal Laws, we cannot accept returned prescription medications but we are always ready to provide refunds to customers who are not completely satisfied. Customer can only claim refund within 10 business days after they recieved.

We do not make any commercial use of your personal information. Authorized personnel to process your order will only use the personal information that you provide us.

We sell the generic drugs that are covered by stringent drug enforcement regulations. They have the same active ingredients and are as safe as their brand-name counterparts. Generic drugs are “bioequivalent” to brand-name drugs and hence provide the same therapeutic effect as branded ones.

Certain brand drugs like Lipitor, Viagra, Crestor, etc. are still under a US patent. Generic drugs are bioequivalent to the brand version and that there are no significant differences in the rate and extent of absorption. But the Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are not regulated by US patents and they make every pharmaceutical compound known in the world today. Initially, these drugs were intended for consumption by India citizens, but the international consumption of these products has increased so dramatically, due to the incredible savings, that American, Canadian and European citizens now consume more Indian manufactured drugs than the Indians itself.

There is a physical difference between branded drugs and generic drugs. Although branded drugs and their generic counterparts have the same active ingredients and fulfill exactly the same function, they look different. In case you are used to ordering branded drugs and you order their generic counterparts from our website, they will look different. Even brand drugs with the same name can look different depending upon whether their country of origin is USA or Canada or any other country. Generic pills too, will look different if different companies make them.

Once we have received the relevant information, we will start processing your order and your shipment should reach you in about 7 to 14 days. Once we ship the medication to you we will email you your tracking number. You can trace your order in real time by logging onto our website or you can get information regarding your shipment by calling our number: 1-701-802-9448.

We will reship the order if the proof is provided for the damage.  for more info, Read our Return Policy.

You can contact our pharmacists online either by using “Chat” feature available in all drug pages or by call in the contact us section.

We are available 24/7 online. We have online chat and call center support 24/7. We never close.

Yes, you can order more than one medication or any number of medications at a time at our Pharmacy.